How To Buy An ATM Machine

Automated Financial offers a wide variety of options for buying an ATM machine – from full “turn-key” plans where you simply provide space to an “own and load” program where you own and stock your own ATM machine.

So what’s the difference?
In our own and load program, you own the ATM and manage the ATM vault cash. As a result, you end up earning more. If you don’t want to hassle with owning and vaulting an ATM cash machine, our “turnkey solution” may be perfect for you. We will provide the ATM cash machine, ATM vault cash and ATM management service. All you have to do is collect a check each month for providing the space.

How much will I make?
Your earnings will vary based on the ATM machine program you are interested in. Most programs are structured so that you earn money on a per transaction basis. The more transactions your ATM performs each month, the more money you will earn. Call one of our sales representatives to get all the details on the program that’s right for you.

ATM Purchase Options
Automated Financial L.L.C., is a full service ATM equipment and processing provider. We offer marvelous purchase options and a very profitable ATM placement program. Additionally, with each purchase, we offer FREE ATM shipping, ATM installation, training, thermal paper rolls and a 1 year and 90 day warranty. We also offer online ATM reporting, cash management and an extended warranty program to create the most appealing program in the business.

Convenient Online Tools
With Automated Financial’s customized reporting program you can manage your cash and track your ATM transaction volume online. You get detailed transaction activity reports, monthly summary reports, bank reconciliation reports and can produce daily or monthly summary reports to better track your transaction volume and cash requirements. You can even troubleshoot your own ATM online with Automated Financial’s convenient online troubleshooting quick reference guide.

Looking to make more on ATM processing?
Automated Financial can provide ATM transaction processing for your existing ATM and a lot more at NO COST today. There is no down time during the transition and you can start earning a higher profit on your ATM machine today.




Considering purchasing an ATM but still have questions?
Visit our ATM FAQ


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